MEDIA ADVISORY: No to ROE Act, Petitions to be Delivered to Beacon Hill



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- 14 November 2019, Boston, MA --Massachusetts Citizens for Life (MCLF) will deliver the first batch of online petition signatures  in opposition to the “R.O.E.” Act today, Nov. 14, 3PM, on Beacon Hill, following the mobilization of hundreds of its members opposing the bill at the June 17th public hearing.

This proposed law (S1209/H3320) is set to lower the standards of medical care for women, as a class, if its provision allowing multi-day late-term abortion procures outside of hospitals is voted in.

“The “R.O.E” Act does not represent the needs of Massachusetts women,” says expert injury attorney, Mike Seibel,  “How do I know? I’ve spent the last multiple years defending women injured by our deregulation and promotion of abortion in New Mexico. If you were to adopt the ROE Act in MA, you’d get what we have in New Mexico. What’s going to happen to your women is that they will lose the protections provided by hospitals and nationwide standards of medical care.

Late term induction abortion outside of a hospital setting is against what even NARAL’s expert witnesses, such as Dr. Mark Nicchols, have testified to in multiple states..courts in KS, KY, TX, AK, VA  have affirmed that late term induction abortion must be done in a hospital setting or women suffer injury and death.

Mike’s client’s daughter, Keisha Atkins, died because of the laws promoting access over safety standards in New Mexico.

“The “R.O.E.” Act promotes abortion access, but denies women access to the medical equipment and expertise that is life-saving in risky situations,” says C.J. Williams, MCFL’s director of community engagement, “That’s not an empowerment of women. That’s a degradation of women.”

Additionally, the ROE Act would deny protections for infants born alive, and remove parental consent, and adult protections for a 13 year old girl entering an abortion 

“If you pass the ROE ACT, you’ll follow New Mexico,” Mike Seibel adds, “And 17 women in the last 4 years have had major medical injury and been transferred to the the ER because of it in my state -- with, to name just a few --ncontrolled bleeding; inability to find blood pressure; severe infection; cardiac arrest.”

MCFL is calling on citizens from every end of the political spectrum to join in the delivery, and to  write legislators asking them to oppose “R.O.E.” and:

  • Ensure 12P stays in current law so our infants who survive abortions get the care all citizens deserve. 
  • Inform them that multi-day late-term abortions are too dangerous to be performed outside MA hospitals (indisputably the best hospitals in the world).
  • Tell Judiciary Committee Chair and Vice Chair, Day and Cronin that we don't want our 13-year-old daughter to be on her own in an abortion clinic.
  • Tell the Judiciary Committee that elective abortions on viable infants for any reason is not the mark of a humane or just society. 


Tell them Massachusetts MUST do better than the”R.O.E.” Act,” says MCFL President, Myrna Maloney Flynn, “For all of our citizens: Our women, our infants, and our daughters.”

For more information, comment, or to get involved:


C.J. Williams


[email protected]

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