Dear Maura Healey and Ayanna Pressley: This is "incompatible with life"

When you say, "incompatible with life," is this who you mean?

Baby Hope was diagnosed with what doctors said was a fatal brain abnormality. So they told her mom to end the life of Baby Hope. 

But since when does our society promote killing as a treatment for disability?

She is alive and thriving today, proving the doctors wrong. This is the face of "incompatible with life." And this is what "ROE" Act supporters call "abortion access."



The "ROE" Act would make taking Hope's life legal.

If H. 5179 becomes law, babies like Hope won't be protected by law. 
The "R.O.E." Act included in H. 5179 makes targeting preborn infant for a late-term abortion (up-to-birth) legal.

Call your state representative today (look them up here) and demand that they sustain Governor Baker's Christmas Even veto.

Please call at least 2 other state representatives on this list.



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  • C.J. Williams
    published this page in In The News 2020-07-10 14:31:19 -0400