Resources and Guide: March for Life 2020

Are you joining us for the National March for Life this year in Washington D.C.? Don't be daunted by the trip, or the 3 day flurry of action -- jump in. Book your hotel with our steeply discounted group rate  (call 202-847-4444 and request "MCFL BLOCK"), and then use the March for Life resource guide to power you through every opportunity to empower the powerless unborn as you march.

We love that this trip planner features an easy map, showing you exactly where you are in the city. You can pinpoint our hotel near the Gallery Place Metro, the March for Life Convention and Expo, and the rally. Find the MCFL meet up point below.

As you can see, our hotel is right off the metro, and walking distance to the National Mall!

Our official MCFL meet-up before the March is right at the intersection of Constitution & 12th Street across from the Internal Revenue Service. We'll meet at approximately 12:30pm, as the rally tapers off and marchers begin to line up!


The guide also includes useful information regarding buses, metro cards, and other transportation questions once you're in D.C.

Finally, if you needed any more reason to attend, the trip guides spells out some of the not-to-be-missed opportunities to learn and grow as a U.S. citizen committed to ending abortion and protecting the preborn.


Download the guide and book your hotel today (202-847-444 - ask for "MCFL BLOCK").

You only get this kind of opportunity once per year. The nation is watching. The world is watching.

Words ain't nothing til you walk 'em.

And in D.C., we aren't just walking, we're marching.


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