Support Massachusetts Citizens for Life's efforts to Repeal the R.O.E. Act

The ROE Act was introduced two years ago. Every day since then, thousands of Massachusetts Citizens for Life members, who reside in every corner of our state, used their voices to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. They learned the truth about this irresponsible and dangerous legislation and bravely spread that truth within their communities -- even during a pandemic. Almost as disheartening as this new law is the fact that legislators rammed this damaging bill through during a pandemic, inserting it into the state budget, knowing our opposition could not fight it in person due to quarantine restrictions.

In an elitist gesture that not only ignored the governor’s commonsense rejection of special interest items in a state budget bill, but also tens of thousands of their constituents vocal opposition, the legislature has sent a clear message to Massachusetts citizens: We work for the abortion lobby, not for you or the public health, and certainly not for the safety of women and their unborn or even newborn babies.

So, while we grieve for the many lives that will be severely damaged and lost as a result of the R.O.E. Act, we anticipate, much as the abolitionists did, the inevitability of a brighter tomorrow.

Pro-lifers know setbacks. What we don't know is how to give up, look the other way, and allow injustice to stand.

We know the truth is worth pursuing! We know the lives we work to protect are worth every minute of our time and resources. We know without a doubt that our supporters, by their advocacy over the last 24 months, changed minds and opened hearts, even our governor's. And we look forward to continuing our work alongside the citizens of Massachusetts, who already know the value of human life and are eager to educate and support others and to ultimately illuminate the inherent right to life of the unborn.

As we have done since January 23, 1973, Massachusetts Citizens for Life will work tirelessly to make abortion unthinkable. And we will prevail!

That is why I humbly ask: can I count on you to give a generous donation today so MCFL can keep fighting for the unborn and society’s most vulnerable?

In 2021 MCFL is hyper focusing on two major activities: Education and Activism.

  • Education: When working with local community members and activists in all corners of the state, we realized that both the general public and legislators were completely unaware of the dangers within R.O.E. Act. As we held more briefing session and provided talking points to more activists, we found more and more individuals on both sides of the political aisle opposed Massachusetts’ current and proposed abortion laws.

    We plan to double down on our education efforts – both in person (once it’s permitted) and virtually – for students and adults through seminars and online videos.
  • Activism & Grassroots Strategies: It was clear that despite our amazing outreach efforts with new volunteers and activists, we need to find every single pro-life person within the state.

    In 2021, MCFL will be taking on our largest pro-life recruitment efforts in the organization’s history. We hope to identify thousands of new pro-life individuals who will help us in our grassroots, pro-life efforts because we refuse to allow the pro-abortion lobby to continue

In order to do this, we need to raise a war chest of funds that will allow MCFL to fight back and protect the right to life. 

Can I count on you now to make your most generous contribution to MCFL to help us achieve our financial goals?

As the only single-issue pro-life organization in Massachusetts, we rely 100% on the generosity of our faithful members and donors to accomplish our pro-life mission.

All of us at Massachusetts Citizens for Life are ready to fight on your behalf, but we need your help. Please make your most generous, end-of-year gift below. Thank you!

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