Father's Day Open Letter to Mass. Citizens: It is time to start

Dear Friend of Life,

A joyful Father’s Day from this father to every other!

A good father wants to protect women and children.

He knows the selfishness in his own heart and battles that. From the gentleness and wisdom gained in that struggle, a man becomes a better father, becomes a father of all those who are less powerful.

And we need this gallant, fatherly strength to resist those who would profiteer from the killing of unborn babies and the maiming of their mothers in abortion.

MONDAY, June 17th, is the big day: the Beacon Hill hearing for S.1209/H.3320, the unrestricted-abortion “ROE Act.” In some ways this legislation is even more radical than the New York and Illinois “Reproductive Health Acts.”

It would set up a right to unrestricted abortion, removing every hedge on that act of killing. In no way is it pro-choice; it is fully pro-abortion. It does not reflect any kind of consensus in the Commonwealth or this country. Instead it reflects the interests of those who profiteer from killing the most powerless humans. It’s an abortion-industry wish list selling itself as feminist liberation.

We must rather represent the interests of women and children. So, please join Massachusetts Citizens for Life for a rally at 10:00 am, gathering at the General Hooker entrance of the State House: RSVP here.

The hearing itself is at 1:00 pm, in the Gardner Auditorium.

We need each one of your voices. If you wish to give oral testimony, here are some guidelines: Testimony to Legislature Tips.  I would suggest aiming for two minutes, with some modular components you can plug in (if we end up receiving more time) or remove (if too redundant given other testimony).

And, again, for reference, it might be useful to look at our ind=-depth analysis of the bills here.

You may submit written testimony either before the hearing or in the days immediately following. That would be addressed to the chairs of the Joint Committee on the Judiciary, Sen. James Eldridge and Rep. Claire Cronin, using the contact info here: https://malegislature.gov/Committees/Detail/J19.

Calling the members of this Committee would also be of real service.

If you cannot come, please consider a donation so that we can see this fight through, with undiminished vigor. Your secure donation to help us save lives can be made here.

“It’s Father’s Day, and everybody’s wounded,” sang Leonard Cohen.

It’s time to start binding up those wounds.

For the love of life,

David Franks, Ph.D., Chairman

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