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Fundraise for Your Mass Walk for Life

Register for the Fall 2020 Massachusetts March for Life.

This year, we'll double our impact, visibly demonstrating the strength of numbers of those who support saving, instead of discarding, the lives of our women and preborn.  This event will be held in November, 2020, but please stay in touch as we continue to monitor the circumstances surrounding the pandemic.

Register for the 2020 Massachusetts March & Walk For Life.

It's never too early to start planning when a plan can save instead of take lives.

Submit your $25 entry fee below, and get started on that fundraising!

Most of our marchers have never participated in a fundraising event, and yet the average first-time walker can raise over $1,000. 

Here are some fundraising tips:

  • Make a plan. Work with your team to set a fundraising goal and develop a simple plan.
  • Use your personal profile on our web page as a fundraising page. The second you register, find your unique link (for example: masscitizensforlife.org/cj), and get busy on social media! Statistics show that friends connected via FaceBook and email, when asked, are 5x more likely to pitch in to your walk than those not given an easy online way to support you.   Even if computers aren't your communication method of choice, you will find this tool simple, and our team is always available to answer any questions you have.
  • Don’t Be Afraid. You never know who may have been deeply impacted by our throwaway attitude towards our fellow human beings. From abortion-coercion, to post-abortive suicide, from doctor-prescribed death to siblings who have lost siblings to abortion... So many people are suffering in silence – your strength will be their inspiration, and invitation, to heal.
  • Most people need to be asked 6 times before they make a donation. Just because the first Facebook status or email didn’t receive a donation, does not mean you won’t receive one. Follow-up with everyone you know. Again. And again. And again! Lives are on the line. 
  • Spread Awareness to Save Lives. The most important aspect of your fundraising effort is educating people about our mission. Think of it like dominoes: the facts that you share with one will get passed along to another. You may just be the instrument to save an irreplaceable life.
  • Show Your Gratitude.  Thank everyone who supports you. You can show it by phone, show it in person, show it in personal card. But let your gratitude show. Those who partner with you on this historic walk should know that their contribution- large or small- means the world to you, and is critical to the cause.
  • Finally, every dollar you raise saves lives. Whatever resources you raise for your walk go directly into our outreach efforts, and save lives like these.



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