ProLife Legacy Society

The MCFL ProLife Legacy Society is made up of members from all walks of life, and each of their stories is unique and valuable. They are bound by the same belief that society must protect the most vulnerable among us, and they know that MCFL is the best organization to accomplish this goal.

As a member of MCFL, you know what is at stake. You also know that the most passionate beliefs will do no good for the pro-life movement if they only live within our hearts and minds. By joining the MCFL ProLife Legacy Society, you can help continue our mission to advocate for society’s most vulnerable—the unborn, their mothers, the sick, the elderly, the dying—and to continue telling the story of heroic people like yourself who, against all odds, kept the pro-life mission alive and flourishing.

Best of all, it is easy to join! You do not have to be wealthy to leave a lasting legacy, and despite many misconceptions, leaving a legacy gift in your estate planning is easier than ever. We have all the materials you need to leave a permanent legacy that will benefit generations to come. 

There are many ways someone can leave a permanent legacy including, but not limited to:

  • A bequest through your Will or living trust
  • Gifts by account designation
    • Bank and brokerage accounts
    • Retirement accounts (such as through your IRA)
    • Life insurance policies

I can think of no greater way to ensure your values and legacy live on than to join the ProLife Legacy Society and intentionally tell future generations: though I did not have the chance to meet you, I loved you so much that I made a personal sacrifice to ensure you had the right to live.

When you join, your MCFL team will work with you to ensure we honor your legacy in a way that you desire and give you the proper recognition you deserve.

One simple step can save the life of so many. We invite you to take that first step by filling out the form below to receive more information about the ProLife Legacy Society, and we will rush you the materials you need to sign up. Please note that you must include the Street, City, State, and Zip Code in the Address box so that we can send the materials to you. 


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