The Progress We've Made for Life

by Anne Fox


Every year, Professor Michael New has spoken at the Mass Citizens for Life Caucus in D.C.  This year, we did not hold our caucus, but I want to share with you what he would have said:

In his article published by The National Review, Michael lauds the huge drop in the numbers of abortions.  He looks at it from the point of view of the number of unintended pregnancies that are carried to term -- thus annihilating the opposition argument that abortions are down because of greater availability to contraceptives. 

In 1981, fifty-four percent of unintended pregnancies resulted in an abortion. By 2011, that figure had fallen to 42 percent, and it is still falling.


He explains, "If a higher percentage of unintended pregnancies are carried to term, that means that pro-lifers are either 1) enacting protective laws 2) changing hearts and minds or 3) taking care of the material needs of pregnant women. Impressive progress has been made on each of these fronts."  He describes the efforts that have accomplished this success in each of these areas.

He concludes, "As pro-lifers gather in Washington, D.C., on Friday for this year’s March for Life, we should take heart. Forty-six years of praying, marching, and engaging in other efforts to build a culture of life have borne fruit. We have made progress politically and legislatively. We have succeeded in changing hearts and minds. Most important, unborn lives continue to be saved because of our efforts. It is true that progress has not come as fast as many of us had hoped. However, it is indisputable that progress is being made. And we should have every confidence that if we stay the course, victory will someday be ours."

Go to it, guys!

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  • Douglas Hayman
    commented 2019-01-24 14:06:03 -0500
    If the number of recorded abortions is down, that IS good. However, that does not mean that that trend will necessarily continue. Pro-Life laws are needed. A Human Life Amendment is needed. The Assembly for Life should be rescheduled if possible.