Pro-Life Christmas Carolers Save a Life in Boston

In bunched hoods and pulled-down beanies, gloved and ungloved, but each rubbing their hands or stomping to stave off the chill, a crowd gathered in front of Planned Parenthood, December 21st, in Boston.  At first, only the sound of muffled traffic crackled on the air. 

But then a young woman arrived, arms filled with paper. Carols

And the crowd began singing. 

The day didn't warm up, but the space on that pavement did. 

It came upon a midnight fair... 

Hark! the herald, angels sing...

...newborn king...

MCFL members, young and not as young, longtime and just joined, belted out the songs that have given hope to millions through the centuries. 

This is The Carol for Life, or A Pro-Life Christmas Carol. Each year, partnering with fellow pro-life organizations and communities, MCFL hosts this outreach -- and each year, we reach hundreds of women.

Members hand out gifts, and resource cards for women, and men, that list medical and community centers offering real medical care, housing, and testing, and don't kill. Boston Pregnancy Help is right up the street in Brighton. Just outside of Boston, Friends of the Unborn, in Quincy, provides housing.

"Make sure to ask them for all your options," said one member, as a girl approached -- "If they just offer abortion, that's not a choice."

"Ask to see your ultrasound."

"You and your child are worth a full life."

"Can you take a minute?"

One girl did pause for a minute, meeting C.J., our community engagement director, as she had to leave. "I can't afford another one. I can't even afford my utilities this month."

By the end of the day, local MCFL members had covered her utilities. She never entered the clinic.

In Boston on Saturday, December the 21st, before 8:00am, there were people on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood. They were bundled in layers, and stomping their feet. Most were young, joined by a few older members who have spoken up for the vulnerable here for decades.  

In Boston on Saturday, a life was saved -- because people were on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood.

Christmas comes but once a year, but you have the chance every morning -- before work, on a day off, on the weekend -- to save lives and make abortion unthinkable; make abortion visible; make hope a choice a woman can make.


See our online resource shop for pamphlets and resource cards.

See previous articles on how to save a life on the sidewalk.

Donate today to MCFL to keep our feet on the ground where it makes the most difference.


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