Pro-Life Billboard Helps #SaveMABabies in Boston Area

The 93 in Braintree is no longer just a highway out of town. Thanks to Choose Life Inc., and generous pro-life donors, the 93 now paves a way to saving preborn lives in the state of Massachusetts.


photo of the artwork displayed on the billboard


According to The Guttmacher Institute, as of 2020, the restrictions on abortion in Massachusetts are minimal. A woman may obtain an abortion even after 24 weeks if a doctor agrees her health is at risk. Due to the fact that "health" is a broad term, and may be interpreted to mean emotional distress as well as severe or life-threatening complications, this restriction has little impact on protecting women and their preborn babies from the grueling, 3-day late-term abortion.

Additionally, children under the age of 18 may not be subjected to an abortion with prior consent from their parent, guardian, or a judge appointed by the state of Massachusetts (in the event that either parent or guardian is abusive or incapable). 

Recently (December 2020), the annual state budget, section 40, sought to remove all safeguards for our women & babies in Massachusetts. Governor Baker line-vetoed removal of parental consent, and other expansions, but did not suggest removing the expansion of late-term abortion on babies diagnosed with fetal abnormalities in the womb.


As a state that prides itself on protecting the vulnerable, progressive dedication to human rights -- from our trailblazing history in the abolition movement to more recent participation in civil and racial rights, we need to be consistent. Human rights are non-negotiable, and apply to every human being. That protection applies to our women in the womb as well as to our women on the street; and to our preborn brothers and sisters of any skin color as well as to our African American brothers and sisters in our communities.

Pave the way for life this season and into 2021! #SaveMABabies


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To bring this resource to neighbors, friends, and fellow citizens across the state, please share on your social media accounts using the hashtag #SaveMABabies.

Join our daily outreach in Boston at 1055 Commonwealth Ave. by emailing C.J. ([email protected])

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