BREAKING: Pro-Abortion Senators Block Infant-Born-Alive Protection


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE --  WASHINGTON D.C. -- The U.S. Senate voted on February 26, 2019, 53-44 to advance the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (S. 130) sponsored by Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.). Pro-abortion senators blocked the bill from receiving the 60 votes necessary, however, to move forward. Had it advanced, this bill would have federally mandated that medical professionals administer life-saving healthcare to babies born alive during an abortion.

The president of National Right to Life, Carol Tobias, remarked: 

"Today we saw the extremism of the abortion industry's agenda on full display. The 44 members of the United States Senate who voted against this bill now need to explain to their constituents why they believe abortion is such an absolute 'right' that it protects what amounts to infanticide: willfully withholding life-saving care from an born-alive infant."

The block of this common sense legislation comes right off the heels of a slew of controversy over extreme-abortion-promoting laws in states such as Virginia and New York. In Massachusetts, we will soon face The ROE ACT ("Remove Obstacles and Expand Abortion Care").

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