OK Guys, let’s face facts. All of your life you’ve received one message from society concerning abortion: “It’s none of your business!” The fact that you aren’t female has been used as a club to bludgeon you into submission on Life Issues.

You can’t have a baby so why should you get any say on whether an innocent person gets to live or is destroyed–or so anti-life forces would like you to believe. In reality, every person has a duty of charity to neighbor and in a republic we all need to do what we can to ensure that just laws respecting human life are passed and enforced.

All that aside, abortion does concern guys. Aren’t some of the babies killed male? Aren’t fathers of unborn children male? Doesn’t a man have a responsibility to stand up and protect those weaker than himself?

On another level, men, especially young men, have a responsibility to correct our society’s massive, anti-life errors because they are so often our fault. Many, many women are forced into abortions by abusive partners. Many more turn to abortion out of despair at male irresponsibility in the modern world.

We need to stand up and be counted for Life. There are ways that a pro-life guy like you can make a difference:

  • Be loud and proud for Life–make sure you aren’t hiding your views from your friends, especially your male friends.
  • Make sure you make it clear in your social group that hurting those who are physically weaker, either babies or women, is definitely NOT ok.
  • Start a pro-life club for teens.
  • Engage in pro-life activism through social media.
  • Learn about the issues–be well informed before you speak.
  • Get involved with Massachusetts Citizens for Life, the most effective pro-life group in the state. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Remember, people are getting hurt; people are getting killed. WE need to do something.

Photo: George Martell/BCDS. Used with permission.

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  • Rae Martel
    commented 2019-05-17 07:27:25 -0400
    Men need to understand that they cannot rule or legislate what a woman decides about her body. There are too many times that reasons exist “for” abortion: rape, incest, health reasons. And, too many women who give birth abuse, kill, starve or maim their babies/children that they didn’t need. I don’t see men stepping up to take care of these unwanted or abused children — many linger in the foster care system in this country which is almost criminal itself!! Pray for yourself as you try to enslave women to do what YOU think is appropriate. Keep your damn thoughts, ideas to yourself regarding a woman’s body or the right to give birth or not!!! I am a grandmother but I support Roe V Wade 1000%.