Do You Argue? Pro-Life to Pro-Choice Interaction

By C.J. Williams, MCFL Director of Community Engagement


What do you do if you find yourself in a pro-life/pro-choice conversation where the other person seems closed off to all of your arguments? You may know someone, or be the someone, who always knows a clear and convincing argument for the fact that human rights begin at conception. But now you're in that dialogue outside the clinic, or at your work place, pro-life to pro-choice -- and no matter what you say, you feel like you're building a bigger wall.

At this point, Stephanie Gray (who will headline our Dr. Mildred Jefferson Symposium at Harvard (virtually!) on October 22nd, debating Professor Peter Singer) says -- look to the heart.

If you and your friend are drawing farther apart, it's likely that this is a heart, not a head, issue.

One out of 3 of my peers lost their life to abortion. Can you picture how many people you meet each day, and can you now visualize the numbers personally touched by abortion?

The tips in the following video remind us that we are not on two sides of an insurmountable mountain when we discuss abortion with our peers or fellow citizens. But we do meet, sometimes, in front of a deep wound that runs like a chasm between us.

That wound is abortion. 

We cannot argue to a heart; we have to love it. Thus, most of our intentional encounters that seem to run up against a wall need to be brought out of the head and onto the level of relationship.

A few reminders:

--Meet your friend, or the stranger on the street corner, as another human being -- what is their story?

--Whom do they care about, and why does abortion matter to them?

--Is there something you can do to answer their questions?

--Do we really want to base our concept of human rights on an act of violence?

I highly recommend listening to Stephanie's interview and discussion below on How to Effectively Argue About Abortion. She gets to the heart of the matter; and that's something I'm sure she will also accomplish in our sponsored debate, on October 22nd at 7pm on the question of: Is Abortion Moral?

Please register now -- space on the virtual debate platform is limited!

Count me in! Register me now.

Watch the full video by clicking the image above.

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