Cleft Lip Gives Boy and Dog Similarity, Not Disability

In this feature story on The Good News Network, a little boy born with a cleft lip finds a puppy with whom he shares something in common.

Who says a "disability" has to isolate or degrade you? 

At 2 years old, already with multiple surgeries under is belt for his cleft palate, Bentley had begun to show signs of feeling isolated and apart. But rather than a disability,  his challenge turned out to be the basis for an ability to find friendship when his dad discovered the puppy in the shelter born the same way.

When our society says a child is better off dead...

When our culture says a woman is better off with a dead child...

We don't have a woman or a child to fix:

We have a society, an attitude, and a culture to fix.

This story is a fantastic reminder that children with challenges and vulnerabilities aren't a problem, and don't need to be fixed. (In fact, what life doesn't have them to some degree?) 

Puppies, common ground, and love are a much better response.

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  • C.J. Williams
    published this page in In The News 2020-09-09 08:48:25 -0400