"She Deserves to Be Chosen"

by C.J. Williams, Director of Community Engagement


As the baby's face swims into view, and then fades to black, words scroll across your screen. She deserves to be loved. The tinkling bells of a lullaby play. She deserves to be wanted. 

The screen fades again. The baby gurgles.

Finally, the last fade-in: She deserves to be a choice.

This is an ad created and run this week by a a pro-choice 501(c)4 non-profit called The Agenda Project.

Women deserve a choice. Babies deserve to be chosen, reads the summary on YouTube.

Yes, babies deserve to be chosen. But this ad brazenly implies that they should be exterminated if a mother or a father or society happens to find them inconvenient.

Is this a bizarre pro-choice ad? No, it is a consistent pro-choice ad.

At the root, accepting abortion means making human life a product or commodity: your life is worth nothing if you're not chosen by someone more powerful in an abortion-distorted world.

The gut-wrenchingly eerie aspect of this video is that it portrays bloody dismemberment as compassion. That's not bizarre. That is terrifying.

Then the final text scrolls across the screen: #StandwithPP

How about not? 


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