PRESS RELEASE: Rally For Life MA, Women Speak Out Against R.O.E.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Boston, MA -- 29 March 2019 -- A rally, spearheaded by longtime human rights organization, Mass Citizens for Life, and co-sponsored by a diverse group of non-profit and advocacy groups in Massachusetts, including Renew Mass Coalition, will be held March 30, 2pm on the Boston Common at the corner of Park and Beacon nearest the State House in opposition to s.1209, An Act to Remove Obstacles and Expand Access to Abortion.

The purpose of the rally is to highlight the bill’s extreme provisions, from the legalization of passive infanticide, to rerouting funds in our Healthy Start program for new mothers and babies towards abortion businesses.  Citizens from as far as Amherst are expected to attend, and a slate of speakers -- mostly women -- will address the rally.

Said Myrna Flynn, MCFL Board Member & Chair of the Communications Committee: “The very name of this legislation should prompt women to question its purpose. 'Remove Obstacles and Expand Access.'

“Voters of Massachusetts believe that if abortion is allowed, it should be safe for women, and only undertaken for serious reasons," added Debby Dugan, Board Member of Renew Mass Coalition. "The R.O.E. Act throws this framework out the window, removing safeguards designed to protect women and legalizing no-questions-asked late-term abortion-on-demand for any reason, for girls of any age. Our laws should be designed to protect women and girls, not prioritize the bottom line of abortion businesses.”


C.J. Williams, Director of Community Engagement at MCFL said: “Individuals across the political divide agree: this bill is extreme. From totally abandoning the old pro-choice slogan of ‘safe, legal, rare’ in favor of a ruthless promotion of abortion all the way up to removing medical safety nets for women undergoing the agonizing 3-day-long procedure that kills a 7, 8 or 9 month old preborn baby, this bill is a slap in the face to women’s health, and human rights in our State.”

MA resident and constitutional law scholar, at Harvard, Erika Bachiochi: "The more I learn about the R.O.E. Act, the surer I am that the good and reasonable people of the Commonwealth are going to see it for what it is: a deregulating measure so extreme that it would erase not only reasonable regulations that ought to accompany any medical procedure, but the very parties to the procedure itself. When the law can no longer name the nascent and vulnerable “unborn child” who is the object of an abortion -- or even the “woman” who seeks one out, referring only to her “uterus” – we have empowered not pregnant women in trying circumstances, but the abortion industry, which like every other profit-hungry industry, seeks to become more and more unaccountable to the law. Don’t be fooled: the R.O.E. Act is not feminism, but a grotesque form of capitalism run amok." 

Many women have weighed in against this piece of legislation, citing its seeming support of abortion before and in spite of women’s safety and health.

“ ‘The Roe Act’ takes some of the most extreme abortion laws in the nation and makes them worse.  From the removal of parental consent to the dehumanization of babies by removing the language "unborn child" from our laws, the Roe Act is an abomination that future generations will condemn us for,” Bridget Faye, Chair of MCFL’s Legislative Committee wrote.

And Chanel Prunier, Executive Director of the Renew Massachusetts Coalition, denounced the idea that the bill is about “access:

“Whether it’s the elimination of parental consent laws, or the expansion of abortion on demand to include late term abortion of viable babies, this legislation is NOT about access. It’s about eliminating any kind of reasonable restriction supported by voters in order to protect the bottom line of the abortion industry.”

Anne Fox, former president of Massachusetts Citizens for Life, also said the public might not be on board with all that the ROE Act proposes, particularly the parental consent provision. “If a girl wants to get her ears pierced, if she wants to take an aspirin in school, she has to get consent,”  but not for abortion.

Pro-abortion groups backing the bill include NARAL, Planned Parenthood, the ACLU and the Massachusetts Family Planning Association.


Massachusetts Citizens for Life ( is the Commonwealth’s pro-life authority. MCFL’s mission is “to promote respect for human life and defend the right to life of all human beings.

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C.J. Williams

Director of Community Engagement, MCFL


[email protected]

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