"Even in the darkest hour, there was beauty..."


A recently featured article on Live Action News  ends quoting a young woman, whose twins were diagnosed "incompatible with life."

"I could not possibly have seen the whole scope of God’s work," she says, "But even in the darkest hour, there was beauty and light.”

Chavez, the woman quoted above, had the support of her husband and community when she was told she was carrying twins -- and that one was much smaller than the other. "You may want to terminate one," her doctor advised, because the baby was "likely" to be stillborn. "He may also have Down syndrome."

Despite the diagnosis, Chavez put her whole heart into life.

She delivered both babies via c-section, and the smaller one was stillborn.

Our mission is to be that that support for every mother. Going through pregnancy is a challenge in itself, albeit an extraordinary and empowering one. Going through a pregnancy in which you know your babies lives are at risk is a hurdle like the valley between mountains.

Be that beauty and light for a mother experiencing a challenging pregnancy today. Share this article, and join MCFL. Our members show this type of support to women in challenging circumstances all the time, and that's what an abortion-free society looks like: a world where we support rather than abort.

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