It is often said truthfully that an abortion has two victims, leaving one dead and one wounded. If you’ve had an abortion there is no way to undo the mistake–but there is a way to move forward. There can be hope and life after abortion.

Below are some links to resources where you or a loved one who regrets an abortion can find help and compassion. There is no judgment. If you’re looking here, you’re already on the road back.

Project Rachel – A post-abortion healing ministry of the Catholic Church.

Rachel’s Vineyard  – A ministry bringing post-abortion help to members of of all denominations.

The National Office of Post-Abortion Healing and Reconciliation – A group organized to help women deal with the many terrible effects of abortion.

Men and Abortion – Contrary to popular belief it isn’t a “women’s issue.”  Men are effected too.  This site, sponsored by the NOPAHR is there to help with this little-understood part of the abortion tragedy.

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