Planned Parenthood Continues Surgical Abortions During COVID-19

Despite Massachusetts' Gov. Baker's ban on elective surgical procedures during the state of emergency surrounding the COVID-19's outbreak, Planned Parenthood has again put abortion promotion before women's safety. And not just women's safety -- the abortion industry giant has decided it's more important to abort than maintain safe social distancing during the pandemic.

In the New Boston Post report, MCFL is quoted:

We were disheartened to learn that, upon Governor Baker’s approval, elective abortion will still be permitted in the coming weeks, even while other elective surgeries have been prohibited due to the coronavirus pandemic. Women’s health and safety should be our top priority now, as always. Risking exposure to the highly contagious disease during visits to abortion clinics not only puts our women at risk but their families and those of clinic workers as well. This is yet another indication that the once-popular abortion-rights mantra ‘safe, legal, and rare’ is a complete farce. In the face of a global pandemic, the abortion industry once again demonstrates that protecting women’s health has never been its priority. Instead, the abortion lobby’s singular goal is to increase the bottom line, even at the expense of risking the health and wellbeing of those who enter their clinics and those who work at them during these unprecedented times.

MCFL President, Myrna Maloney Flynn, also spoke with reporters from The Daily Caller, where she offered a similar comment. It is critical to note the following:

Countless statewide resources exist for women facing unplanned pregnancies. And every one of them stands ready to provide the kind of loving, safe, risk-free support that our women deserve. Readers can visit this page Massachusetts Citizens for Life stands ready to help as well, and we encourage any woman facing an unintended pregnancy to contact us at [email protected], and we will offer our immediate, confidential care.


We would like to invite you to write the governor in these challenging times, expressing your concern.

His office can receive email and phone calls at the following address:


 (617) 725-4005


ATTN: Governor Charlie Baker,  Massachusetts State House, Beacon St #280, Boston, MA 02133


Planned Parenthood, in their healthcare capacity, should be doubly aware of the risks during COVID-19. To insist on performing abortions is to insist that a woman's life has less value than that of the male population. That is not the spirit of our Commonwealth, and it is radically opposed to the fundamental fact of equal rights.

Whether pro-life or pro-choice, we have an obligation to speak out and speak up. One voice--yours--could very well save hundreds of preborn lives, along with as many lives of our born fellow citizens.

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