Planned Parenthood Axes Parental Supervision with S.1209, Supports Sex Traffickers

Live Action continues to delve into Planned Parenthood's compromise of their own mission statement. In Massachusetts, the abortion business has come in strong behind S.1209, which would remove adult supervision of 12 and 13 year old girls brought to abortion clinics, leaving our children vulnerable to sex trafficking and abuse.

Here is the video and audio footage Lila Rose, and her investigative unit, have turned up regarding PP's policy.

Any common sense citizen will come in behind care. no matter what.

But sex trafficking is not care, and abortion is not healthcare.

"Planned Parenthood, I'd support your mission," said one girl to our Director of Community Engagement, in the middle of a discussion with a PP sidewalk activist. "But what's up with making abortion a priority? I can't promote your work if you're promoting killing small human beings. Killing doesn't fit with caring."

"Women," said C.J., "don't need to be sold equality at the cost of a kid's life."


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