Planned Parenthood Is Celebrating 46 Years: Death Rate Up in Annual Report

by Anne Fox


Today marks 46 years since the infamous Supreme Court abortion decisions (Roe v. Wade) - more than 60,000,000 babies have died, and more than 60,000,000 families have been shattered.

Planned Parenthood celebrated by filing "The Roe Act" in Massachusetts. This act would remove any age limits on abortion and expand the availability of post-viability abortions in Massachusetts.

Under current Massachusetts law, minors need a parent’s permission to get an abortion or she can petition a judge, a process known as judicial bypass.

Under the new law, a 12 year old could take herself into an abortion facility where they would happily perform the abortion.


Of course, we know that a minor girl who is pregnant must necessarily be the victim of statutory rape.  Medical facilities are required by law to report this as child abuse.  We know that PP is not reporting this abuse.  PP specifically says a girl needs to be able to have an abortion at any age because she might be a victim of incest.  So, they would perform the abortion, not report the abuse, and send her right back into the same horrific situation.  Are they looking for more business?

Roe would also allow abortion after 24 weeks in cases when the fetus has a fatal anomaly. Currently, state law allows abortion after 24 weeks to save the health or life of the mother, not in a case when the baby will not survive past birth.  All of us knows a young mother who was given one of those awful prognoses--which were incorrect.  Even if a person is going to die, we don't go off and kill them there and then. That's murder.

Studies show that mothers who abort because of fetal anomalies are much more likely to suffer psychological problems.  This is a beautiful story from the March about a mother who carried her doomed baby to term, as it appeared in US News and World Report. 

The bill would also remove a requirement that any abortion after 24 weeks take place in a hospital, rather than a clinic.  They really care about the safety of women!

Speaking of business, PP released their 2017- 2018 report this past weekend when it was sure to get very little coverage.

The report revealed that the number of abortions the group did this past year increased to 332,757.

The amount of federal funding increased to $563.8 million

While the number of abortions and the amount of taxpayer dollars both increased, almost every other category of the group’s services decreased.

The amount of contraception that the organization provides continues to plummet. In this report, it drops from 2,701,866 in 2016 to 2,620,867.

Cancer screenings and prevention services also continue to go down from 660,777 in 2016 to 614,361.

The category of “Other Women’s Health Services," which includes pregnancy tests, prenatal services, and miscarriage care, decreased to 1,302,460 in 2017-2018.

PP's reported number of patients held steady at 2.4 million.

While the number of patients is the same, the organization’s excess of revenue over expenses continued its dramatic increase from $77.5 million in 2015 to a whopping $244.8 million in 2017. 

As they say, the numbers speak for themselves.


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