Planned Parenthood Partners Admit Under Oath: "We harvest living baby parts."

The Center for Medical Progress released a video this week in which Planned Parenthood partners ABR (Advanced Bio Research Inc.), describe harvesting human body parts from babies born with still-beating hearts.


"Sometimes, they just fall out," reports one representative of ABR. When answering, "Do they have a heartbeat, when they just fall out?" she goes on,  "I can see hearts...that are beating...independently."

Under the Fetal Born Alive Protection Act, a living fetus is defined as a "fetus with a beating heart."

The Planned Parenthood partners also re-define viability as a fetus/human being "not able to survive outside the womb" as "dependent on the circumstances..."

Center for Medical Progress project lead David Daleiden urged authorities to take action immediately based on the horrific new evidence.

To review the history of CMP and David Deleiden's ongoing investigations into Planned Parenthood's sale of human baby parts for profit, you can access the full video and summaries of previous findings here; while the ongoing exposure of UCSF's complicity in harvesting living human body parts without consent can be followed here.


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