Say NO to "R.O.E",(S.1209/H.3320 in MA)

Should Massachusetts promote abortion access over even the woman's safety?

S.1209/H.3320, the "R.O.E." Act, will kill women like Keisha. It will allow doctors to kill or leave to die women like ClaireIt will  leave young girls like these to be exploited by abusers and the sex industry. 

It is problematic enough that it is opposed by citizens all across the political divide, both pro-life and pro-choice.

Say NO to extremism and state-sponsored irresponsibility towards our most vulnerable citizens. Sign the petition now and contact your legislator to oppose the "R.O.E." Act.

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Do you believe...


...that a child in the womb at seven, eight, or nine months should be deprived of life, even though she is no physical threat to her mother? Because "R.O.E" does, changing our law to make abortion elective all the way up to birth.

...that abortion should be legal after birth? Because "R.O.E." does, allowing for passive infanticide by refusing medical care to a child born alive during an abortion.

...that a pregnant 13 year old should be abandoned to her sexual abuser, and forced into an abortion? Because "R.O.E." does, removing Massachusetts laws that require parental consent or judicial protection and supervision.

...that Massachusetts should increase its tax funding, using your money, to support abortions? Because "R.O.E." does, allocating "Healthy Start" funds towards abortion procedures throughout all nine months.

...that women's health isn't as important as men's? Because "R.O.E." does, farming out dangerous late term surgical abortion procedures to unregulated outpatient facilities, which are not required to keep life saving medical equipment on hand.


S.1209 legalizes infanticide, promotes abortion access over women's health, and removes all protections for human beings in the womb even when viable.

Oppose this anti-life legislation, say no to "R.O.E.", and Sign the petition here!




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  • Flora Diamond
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    Flora Diamond
  • Elizabeth Bellino
    signed 2019-04-11 22:03:04 -0400
    Please, use reason – this is extreme.
  • Darlene Catellier
    signed 2019-04-11 20:13:28 -0400
  • Florence Daigle
    signed 2019-04-11 19:20:20 -0400
  • Mary Stewart
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    Therese Braudis
  • Ingrid Waldstein
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    Dennise Palioglou
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  • Ariana Carrillo
    signed 2019-04-11 09:31:09 -0400
    I would like the public servants, the senators and congressmen that I highly oppose this proposal. I am a mother of 6 children, happily so and there is not a possibility that abortion as proposed in this bill should ever be allowed. There are many wonderful doctors who do so much to help mother and child throughout pregnancy and this is where we must look for answers and assistance to all women who find themselves in difficult and extremely dangerous situations. Please respect the life and above all the dignity of women by not passing this bill; as though if being pregnant and physically vulnerable would make us less valuation society. Women and children are essential and vital for any society, please don’t be lazy to prescribe death to infants as a solution to what some consider problem situations. Be true defenders of rights and truth, be courageous to realize the danger and harm that comes from this bill. Return the full and wonderful value to women, pregnant women and their children who are gifts for our society and state.
  • Dianne M. Curley
    signed via 2019-04-11 09:28:24 -0400
  • Michael & Deirdre Murray
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    Michael Murray
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  • Patricia Horrigan
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    God has created each and every one as a gift with Life. We are made in God’s Image to love and serve Our God and one another .
  • Linda Vissat
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  • Elizabeth Vinci
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