Peter Kreeft’s Amazing Talk at the MCFL Annual Banquet


Last Thursday, October 26, 2017, Massachusetts Citizens for Life celebrated the pro-life community of Massachusetts with our annual Banquet. This sold-out event brought together pro-lifers from across the Commonwealth to re-connect with each other, to honor those who have given long-time selfless service to the pro-life cause, and to be invigorated by a wonderful keynote speech from philosopher and internationally renowned author Dr. Peter Kreeft.

Our evening began with honors presented to several outstanding pro-lifers. Robert W. Joyce, Esq., director of the Pro-Life Legal Defense Fund, received the Ignatius O’Connor Award, recognizing outstanding contributions to the pro-life movement in Massachusetts.

Jack Rowe received the Peggy McCormack Award, which is given to a member of the MCFL Board of Directors who has contributed significantly to the work of the Board. Jack was first elected to the board in 1976 and has served continuously since that time for 41 years!

Several MCFL Chapters also presented awards. Fr. Andrew Johnson receive the Pro-Life Community Award from the Greater Fall River Chapter. Fr. Johnson serves two parishes in Fall River. Joan Bailey received the Service Award from the South Shore Chapter. Joan is a member of the MCFL Board of Directors and is also executive director of Friends of the Unborn, a pregnancy resource center for pregnant, homeless women. Paul Williams also received the Service Award from the Peggy McCormack Chapter in Braintree/Weymouth. Paul has stood in front of the Planned Parenthood facility in Boston every Saturday morning for the past two decades, regardless of weather, as well as engaging in many other pro-life activities.

The awards were followed by the President’s Address from Anne Fox, who outlined the positive developments and successes we have seen in both Massachusetts and nationwide over the past year and in the past couple of decades. (You can find the text of Anne's address HERE.)

The high point of the evening came from Dr. Peter Kreeft. In his usual inimitable style, Dr. Kreeft approached the pro-life topic through the lens of the story of Saul/St. Paul. You can watch a video of his talk below, but the gist is that Christ told Saul that by persecuting and killing innocent Christians, he was persecuting and killing Christ. Not just Jesus’s friends and followers, but Jesus Himself. He then connected it to the Gospel message, “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren, you do to Me,” and through that to the abortion holocaust, which not only kills the innocent unborn children, but also is an attack on Jesus. Thus, Dr. Kreeft reiterated the vital work that organizations like Massachusetts Citizens for Life and individual pro-lifers do to end abortion and other assaults on the sanctity of life.

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