Party of the Little Guy


By Richard A. Carey

Democrats, once called "The Party of the Little Guy,” have become, ironically and tragically, the party of abortion, which is the direct and deliberate destruction of little guys and gals before birth. The child before birth, except for size and place of residence, is no different from the child after birth. As such, he or she, too, should enjoy the most fundamental right, upon which our nation was founded—the "unalienable" right to life. 

However, Democratic leadership is not satisfied any more with just having a pro-abortion plank in their national platform. Now, they are demanding that any Democratic candidates looking for party support must, first, renounce their pro-life convictions. An exception to this might be a Democratic candidate running in a pro-life district. He would be allowed to profess to be pro-life, in order to get elected. Then, once in office, he can always renounce his previous pro-life pronouncements and return to his original anti-life roots, rationalizing it all by saying that his position "evolved." 

Late, great, true pro-life Democratic leaders like John McCormack, Robert Casey, Jim Burke, et al. must be rolling in their graves today. 

Photo caption: Tom Perez, now Democratic Party chair, was Secretary of Labor from 2013-2017. As DNC chair, he has declared the party will only support pro-abortion candidates.

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