Once Roe Is Overturned...

Once Roe v. Wade is overturned, it will be necessary for us to amend the Massachusetts Constitution to protect life at all stages.  This Life Institute analysis of the recent vote in Ireland highlights the things we will face. It is very helpful for us to begin thinking and acting now.


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  • Christine Cartrette
    commented 2018-11-01 06:28:47 -0400
    Massachusetts Citizen for Life must think far behond just the Amending of the Massachusetts State Constitution.
    Woman & Families who find themselves in Crisis Pregnancies will need more support then ever before. Forester and Adoptive Families will be in great deman and will also require great support.
    If the ProLife Community is not ready to take on a big roll in Supporting the Supports that Support Life – At and Long After Birth, within time the meny meny accomplishments twords a Right to Life from Conception to Natural Death will again erode. As meny people will point twords illegal unsafe abortions, and any increase in child abuse, prison populations – especially among women, and children and families at or under the poverty level as a reason to bring back Abortion.
    ~Christine Cartrette – Fall River, MA