NPLM: Not again!


By Anne Fox, President of Massachusetts Citizens for Life

Crux this week has an interview with M.T. Davila, an assistant professor of Christian ethics at Andover Newton Theological Seminary in Newton. The interviewer is Fordham Professor Charles Camosy author of Beyond the Abortion Wars

I have never reviewed the Camosy book because he claims to want to "draw people into conversation" with arguments that are offensive to the pro-life movement while giving great respect to those who want to make sure abortion remains legal. 

The article is about NPLM - the “New Pro-Life Movement". I expect you are going to be hearing about it more and more.

You may remember Cardinal Bernadin's "Seamless Garment" of 20 issues including homelessness and other areas of concern. Abortion was listed first only because the list was in alphabetical order. Whatever it's goals, in practice the seamless garment actually gave cover to pro-abortion politicians. The same agenda has now been replaced by "Whole Life" and "New Pro-Life Movement" which require that we solve all the problems of the world (I notice unionization on the new list), and only then we may be allowed to save lives. 

The thing that is particularity offensive is the new technique used in the article of accusing us of "criminalizing", which appears about eight times in the article. The example given of the pro-life movement criminalizing is the jailing of abortionist Kermit Gosnell. When asked why Gosnell is in jail, the answer is for "disobeying anti-abortion laws". How about because he was found guilty of three murders, one involuntary manslaughter, as well as many minor charges? Oh, and Prof. Davila trashes the March for Life although there is a footnote saying she has not attended. 

The whole thing is incredibly annoying - at best - but you do need to look it over to be prepared for when it pops up at your church or in your neighborhood. 

Thank you for all your good work, which is actually saving lives - keep it up!

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