Expect to Shine a Winning Light for Life

By Myrna Maloney Flynn, MCFL President 

The year after Roe v. Wade, a blue-collar couple in their 40s was struggling to raise six kids, the youngest 11, when they learned the woman was pregnant. After Mass one day, a friend chided them, saying, “You know, there’s something you can do now.”

I’m Myrna Maloney Flynn. I’m here today because my parents knew the truth and gave me my life. I want to dedicate it to shining light on that truth to save others’ lives.

Every step I’ve taken in the last three decades has prepared me to successfully assume the MCFL presidency now. I studied communications and political science. I hold a master’s degree in teaching. I’ll soon have an MBA.

I’ve lived in Japan and India, so I’ve observed the cultural value of human life from vastly different perspectives. I taught high school in the Bronx, where I witnessed teen motherhood and minors who had abortions. I developed a thick skin while cold calling as a sales rep and an even sturdier spine as a TV reporter. I’ve helped lift startup companies off the ground, led successful nonprofit fundraisers, and sailed past development goals at community events. For the past five years, I’ve held leadership positions in higher education -- an industry, widely known to support abortion rights, that forced me to speak for those who cannot.

I am blessed to have a husband of 16 years, who has become one of my closest pro-life advisors. We thank God each day for our four children.

I self-nominated for a seat on MCFL’s board and was elected last year. Since then, I’ve been invited to participate in nearly all aspects of MCFL’s internal operations and have leveraged my role as director before external audiences as well. In March, I was unanimously elected vice president, an honor and opportunity that I determinedly made the most of.

  • I’ve re-established ties with key pro-life advocates in western Mass., resulting in a new list of 150 contacts and the first pro-life club at Amherst College
  • I’ve taken on the role of spokesperson, representing MCFL in the media, before Anti-fascists at our March for Life, testifying at last week’s S.1209 hearing, delivering remarks at the State House rally and at Northampton’s City Council Meeting; and creatively appealing to our members at events and online
  • I’ve forged a relationship with MassGOP and the leadership at MFI, Renew MA, SBA List and the Charlotte Lozier Institute  
  • I hosted MCFL’s first-ever Northampton rally, in a bitterly cold rain, among that city’s numerous and vocal pro-choice residents
  • Crazy, yes. But it served the purpose of getting Senator Comerford’s attention as well as a meeting with her
  • You can read about that in the new magazine issue, which I helped produce

In February, MCFL’s president resigned. As a board, we recognized, with deep gratitude that still exists today, our indebtedness to her passionate, yearslong service to the prolife movement and especially to MCFL. Indeed, she has shined her light on this cause and, without a doubt, has brought understanding to many.

Despite uncertain leadership and the daunting task of blocking the so-called “ROE Act,” our team focused on challenges before us and dared to venture at top speed toward a new direction, which we illuminated with our common determination and confidence in the verity of our mission.

With the strategic communications plan I devised as our guide, our team has demonstrated to members, opponents, legislators, the media, and to each other what love in action looks like. Since January, we have changed the way we tell our story. Results prove our new direction is the right direction:

  • Over 150 new members
  • More than 1300 signatures on our online petition against S1209
  • Higher-than-expected attendance at our March for Life
  • Blowout attendance until nearly midnight at last week’s State House rally and hearing
  • Historic volume of pro-life testimonies there and at this week’s DPS hearing
  • Steady requests for news interviews
  • Quality press coverage across local, regional and even national media
  • Heavy engagement on social media
  • Vastly higher website traffic
  • Strategic partnerships with other pro-life organizations
  • A slate of new board nominees that any organization would envy

My friends, the new direction MCFL took in February has led us into renewed relevance and into the spotlight. We are poised to make a difference, positioned to save lives.

We must seize this rare opportunity not by turning back but by marching forward, in unity, guided by a collaborative leader who values transparency; a brave and dynamic person with contemporary ideas; one who welcomes both agreement and disagreement; one who believes in empowering her teammates; who confidently presents bold notions, yet humbly recognizes when her way is not the best way.

 I ask for your vote today. If I am fortunate enough to earn it and thus the MCFL presidency, you can expect me to shine a winning light forward for us. But I will hope that each of you will pick up your light, too, so that we, who are the light of the world, might make our way together, our many lights creating that city on a hill, where we will lovingly illuminate the truth that, in this historic moment for our movement, nothing matters more than human life.  

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