Messing with Transplants


Doctor-prescribed suicide and euthanasia, when mixed with the need for transplant organs, will bring us very close to organ harvesting, utilitarian killing of people for the value of their organs. Does that sound far-fetched? It’s already beginning in the Netherlands and Belgium, and now Canada is beginning to consider it, according to Wesley J. Smith.

He notes that in the European countries, the mentally ill and disabled are undergoing voluntary euthanasia specifically so their organs can be harvested more reliably. Sadly, those in the transplant community have not rejected this marrying of killing the patient and harvesting their organs. Smith notes that the latest Journal of the American Medical Association merely looks at the practice in utilitarian terms.

If all that matters is consent–the clear implication of this letter–why would donors have to be suffering sufficiently to qualify for euthanasia?

Indeed, why not let healthy people who simply want to die and believe others–who want to live–have a greater claim on their livers and hearts volunteer to be killed and harvested?

All that is necessary for great evil to be foisted upon a society is for technocrats and bureaucrats to begin discussing it in bloodless and banal terms. When people become objects whose worth is interchangeable with others, then their lives become worthless.

When doctor-prescribed suicide is legalized then life of the dying and the person who is dying himself is worth less than the sum of his organs which others want. The society at the end of that slope is a horror we don’t wish to visit.

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