Renew your 2021 Membership with Massachusetts Citizens for Life

Last year showed us what matters most in life, and also that we really don’t know what may happen in the next month…or even next year. What we do know is that your Massachusetts Citizens for Life team will never give up on the fight to preserve and protect the right to life.

That is why I humbly ask if I can count on you to renew your 2021 membership with MCFL today so we can keep fighting for the unborn and society’s most vulnerable.

I know this may be a tough ask considering all that has happened in 2020 with the coronavirus, but because of MCFL's generous members and donors we have a lot to be grateful for! We also have a LOT of work to do in 2021.

In 2021 MCFL is hyper focusing on two major activities: Education and Activism.

  • Education: We know that the younger generation identifies as pro-life if they learn fetal development and see pictures of unborn babies in the womb. We plan to double down on our education efforts by teaching pro-life fundamentals to students and adults through seminars, events, and online videos. In doing so, we will build an army of pro-life activists and advocates dedicated to building a society that cherishes and defends life.

  • Activism & Grassroots Strategies: It was clear that despite our amazing outreach efforts with new volunteers and activists, we need to find every single pro-life person within the state to make a difference.

    In 2021 and 2022, MCFL will be taking on our largest pro-life recruitment efforts in the organization’s history. We hope to identify thousands of new, pro-life individuals who will help us in our grassroots, pro-life efforts because we refuse to allow the pro-abortion lobby to continue to have the influence they currently do in our state politics and schools. We must counter their efforts with a strong and robust pro-life organization. MCFL is the only single-issue organization dedicated to the Life issue that can accomplish this.

In order to do this, we need you to rejoin Massachusetts Citizens for Life by renewing your 2021 membership today.

Can I count on you now to make your most generous contribution to MCFL to help us achieve our ambitious 2021 goals?

As the only single-issue pro-life organization in Massachusetts, we rely 100% on the generosity of our faithful members and donors to accomplish our pro-life mission.

All of us at Massachusetts Citizens for Life are ready to fight on your behalf, but we need your help. Please make your most generous renewal gift below. Thank you!

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