Media report: Abortions Up During Pandemic

Abortions, report USA Today in a recent article, have risen during COVID19. From the phone lines in New York City to the more quiet mid-west, abortion facilities' owners and workers have commented that they have received an uptick in calls, and more and more "desperate" women seeking either surgical or medical abortion.

Far from coming to the obvious conclusion that women seek abortion when they feel unsupported and without other options, the article assumes the same stance as the abortion industry, namely, that abortion is necessary and restrictions damaging.

If desperation and crisis cause a need for abortion, however, is that a sign that women need abortion, or that women deserve and need support -- like all of us -- especially during national crisis?

The stories of women in this article are heartbreaking.

We should not be requiring our fellow citizens, women or otherwise, to undergo surgical manipulation during a crisis to survive. We should not be promoting an act that requires women to choose survival over the life of their child, unless we agree that women are second-class citizens.

“I hear it in my patient’s voices and questions daily,” the article quotes an abortion worker. “They’re worried about how they will make their rent, feed their family, access a ventilator if the need arises.”

If the need arises, we meet it. We do not take an innocent human life, or implicitly tell a woman her family and her survival are based on sacrificing one of her children. Let's not call an act that takes a human life an "essential service." Essential services preserve life.

While we're in a national crisis, we should be offering abundant, life-affirming support to any one in need. 

Abortion isn't affirmation of a woman's needs and unique dignity. Abortion is a rejection of her essence and her needs.

Many of our members are posting bulletins online and out their local bus stops listing support services, pregnancy resource centers, and even their own telephone number. 

If there's going to be an uptick in need, we're going to be the uptick in offering -- love, hope, and support.

Join Us.


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