MCFL Invites Pro-Abort Counter Protest to "Join Us on Common Ground"



MEDIA ADVISORY -- BOSTON, MA - 1 JUNE 2019 -- This Sunday, June 2nd, Mass Citizens for Life (MCFL) hosts the statewide March for Life on the Boston Common at 1pm. The fundraising walk and rally this year have been re-oriented towards opposition to the dangerous proposed bill, S.1209, which may be heard later this year by the Joint Committee on Public Health. MCFL has learned that pro-abortion activists are planning a counter-protest to occur at the same location as the rally, the Parkman Bandstand and has extended a good-faith invitation to participate in supporting the pro-feminist cause. 

"Instead of trying to yell over each other, why not join us to make your case," says C.J. Williams Director of Community Engagement for MCFL. "If we agree women should be safe and protected by law, we should stand shoulder-to-shoulder in opposition to eliminating protective measures for girls and women in Massachusetts--we all stand for the vulnerable and we should be on the same side today."

S.1209 removes regulations that require high-risk late-term abortions be performed in hospitals by physicians; and removes adult consent and supervision for 12 or 13-year-old girls entering abortion facilities, putting them at risk for abuse and sex trafficking.

As of this release, the invitation has not been answered.

Founded in 1973, Massachusetts Citizens for Life is the Commonwealth's largest and longest-serving pro-life organization.

Massachusetts Citizens for Life


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