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Summer 2019: Including Invisible No More: Abortion Survivors Share Their Stories; a recap of the dramatic 2019 Mass. March for Life; reflections on the pro-life movement as one of love in action; and more.

Spring 2019:  Including Pro-Life is Pro-Woman, a feature on local pregnancy resources; Our Longest Standing Board Member; Steven Mosher Speaks; and more!

 Summer 2018: A Tribute to Bea Martins; Perspectives on Adoption; Convention Panel Discussion; Abortion Pill Reversal Proven Effective; Lobbying for Life; Hometown Honors Dr. Jefferson and more!

MCFLMagazineFall2017Digital.jpgSpring 2018: MCFL Speakers Bureau Profile: Ariana Gilbert; 45th Assembly for Life; March for Life Gets Personal; 2018 March for Life Photos; MCFL's Pre-March Caucus; Free Speech on Trial; MCFL Convention 2018; Book Review: When Breath Becomes Air; Doctors Stand Against Suicide; MCFL Baby Contest; Oratory Contest; Memorials
MCFLMagazineFall2017Digital.jpgWinter 2017: MCFL Board Member Profile: Danielle Cohn; Pro-Life Events 2018; Why We Care About Ending Abortion; Developing the Pro-Life Activist; Position Change on DPS; Canada's Deadly Spree; Witnessing for the Right to Life; Full Happenings Around the State; Laying a Foundation, Spreading the Message
MCFLMagazineFall2017Digital.jpgFall 2017: MCFL Student Profile: Isabelle Germino; Stop Taxpayer Funded Abortion;Doctor-Prescribed Suicide State House Hearing on September 26; Coerced Abortion is No Choice; Summer Academy Goes to Hanover; 2017 Fundraising Banquet; Abortion Numbers Drop Drastically; Massachusetts Marches for Life; The Technology of the Womb; Stem Cells Saving, Improving Lives; Advancing a Pro-Life Revolution
MCFLSummer2017Digital.jpgSummer 2017: MCFL Board Member Profile: Victor Pap; Abortion and the Risk of Preterm Birth; When Roe is Overruled; The Healing Presence; Sexuality Education in the Public Schools; Yesterday's Law; Summer Academy; 2017 March Baby Contest; Taxpayer Funding and Planned Parenthood; Mother's Day Dinner; A Circle of Friendship
MCFL_Spring_2017_Magazine.jpgSpring 2017: MCFL Staff Member Profiles: Maria Arias; 44th Assembly for Life; Reflections on the March for Life; MCFL Caucus; Reversing Roe; MCFL Convention 2017; 2017 March for Life photos; Chimeras; MCFL Files Bills for Legislative Session
MCFL_Winter_2016_Magazine.jpgWinter 2016: Massachusetts Marches for Life; MCFL Board Member Profile: Andrea St. Germain; Pro-Life Events 2017; 2016 MCFL Annual Fundraising Banquet; Election Expectations; Legislation 2017; Choosing Suicide; A Lifeline for the Lonely; The Big E and Autumn in Massachusetts; Parent's Rights in the Public Schools; "The World Turned Upside Down".
MCFLFall2016.jpgFall 2016: Moment of Conception: Beginning of a new human life; MCFL Board Member Profile Joan Bailey; Abortion and prematurity; Election information; 2016 MCFL Annual Fundraising Banquet; Social Media; Massachusetts Marches for Life; CRISPR: Biotech's Mightiest Tool; Students Take Their PULSE; Three-Parent Embryos.
MCFLSummer2016.jpgSummer 2016: 2016 Convention: Industry Under Fire, Reversing the Abortion Pill, Youth Education, End of Life Dangers; Meet MCFL Staff Member Domenico Bettinelli; Ethical Stem Cells; 206 March Baby Contest; The Importance of Justice Scalia; Rose Drives and Memorials; Pioneer Valley Dinner.
May-June 2013: 2013 Respect Life Walk; Kermit Gosnell's House of Horrors; Donna Rodgers - How I Became Pro-Life; Interview with New Outreach Director, Matt Hanafin; Murphy Presents MCFL's Pro-Life Legislation for 2013.
March-April 2013: March for Life, MCFL Caucus Commemorate Roe v Wade's 40th Anniversary; Assembly for Life; Building the Bridge for Youth; Conrad Heaslip Grows Up; & More Photos from Washington, D.C.
January-February 2013: Question 2 Victory; Johnson to Speak at MCFL Assembly; Glendon Gives Keynote Address at MCFL Dinner; March for Life MCFL Caucus in DC; Walk Baby Contest Goes Online.
November-December 2012: PAC Endorsement; State Candidate Rankings; March for Life 2013.
September-October 2012: MCFL 2012 Summer Academy; Physician Speaks Out Against Suicide; Obamacare Rationing Concerns Explained; Glendon Coming for Dinner October 19; Special Primary Election Section.
July-August 2012 : MCFL 2012 Convention; Glendon Keynote Speaker at Annual Dinner; Arkes: The Court and the Commerce Clause; Understanding the HHS Mandate; MCFL Brags About Its Young Stars; Suicide Bill Fatally Flawed.
May-June 2012: State House Judiciary Committee Hears Testimony Against Doctor-Prescribed Suicide; Vermont Defeats Push to Legalize Assisted Suicide; Living in Dignity; No Reassurance in Oregon "Report;" Fostering a Labor of Love; Educational Programs for Youth Growing.
March-April 2012: Living With Dignity; Legislator's Breakfast; Conscience Rights; Dr. Mildred Jefferson Oratory Contest; Legal Writing Award Established; March for Life in Washington, D.C.
January-February 2012: Patient's Rights Advocate Warns MCFL Audience; Buses Set to Role for March in Washington, D.C.; Fight Begins Against Doctor-Prescribed Suicide; Tips for Effective Communication; End Of Embryonic Stem Cell Research?; Pain Can Be Treated.
November-December 2011: MCFL Respect Life Walk 2011; State House Action; MCFL Welcomes New Executive Director; MCFL Annual Dinner Smashing Success; Chinese Gendercide; Thousands Turn Out for Respect Life Walk.
September-October 2011: Blockbuster Summer Academy Energizes Youth; G.K. Chesterton Coming for Dinner; Respect Life Walk; "Maria Talks" Still Trash; MCFL Unveils New Speaker's Bureau; Museum Showcases Pro-Life Feminism.
July-August 2011: Passing of John Day; Testimony Presented on a "Woman's Right to Know" Bill; Spring Activities Keep Chapters Buzzing; Walk Baby Contest Announces Winner; Outstanding Summer Program for Students; Federal Legislative Activity.
May-June 2011: MCFL Convention 2011 Coverage; Murphy Testifies at State House; 2011 Annual Meeting and Board Election; Power of a Picture; Pro-Life Youth Get Earful at Conference.
March-April 2011: MCFL 2011 Convention; Breakfast of Champions; Repeal Efforts Take Center Stage; War Against Girls; Respect Life Walk Announces Contest; March for Life in Washington, D.C.
January-February 2011: Establishment of Dr. Mildred Fay Jefferson Endowment Fund; Family of the Year; Mass. Pro-lifers Leading Return to First Principles; Special Tribute Section: Mildred Fay Jefferson, MD; Presence in the State House; March for Life Anticipates Record Crowds.
November-December 2010: PAC Endorsements; State Candidate Rankings; Respect Life Walk.
September-October 2010: Donald Berwick and the Rationing of American Health Care; Special Primary Edition; The Economics of Healthcare Reform; National Right to Life President Wanda Franz to be Keynote Speaker at MCFL Annual Dinner; Respect Life Walk to Aid Mothers and Children.
July-August 2010: Do No Harm: The Rise and Fall of the Hippocratic Oath; Physician Assisted Suicide; Planned Parenthood; Respect Life Walk to Aid Mothers and Children; Fatal Incompetency; The Art and Symbolism of Roses.
May-June 2010: Death on Demand; Youth Convention; MCFL Convention; What's Rotten in Oregon; The Costs of Depopulation.
March-April 2010: Public Still Not Aware of Abortion-Breast Cancer Link; Assembly for Life; Brown vs. Coakley; MCFL Youth Conference and Convention; PP in Fitchburg; Population Control and the U.N.; March in Washington.
January-February 2010: Trends in Health Care Target the Vulnerable; Getting Ready for Washington; Ethical Stem Cells; Charles Doyle; Obama - The Year in Review; U.S. Senate Race - VOTE!
November-December 2009: Abortion Biz Sets Sights on Middleschoolers; Students Speaking Out; Race for Senate; Respect Life Walk and Annual Dinner; Four Women; War Against the Weak.
September-October 2009: The Marketing of Sex Education; Health Care Reform; Politically Incorrect; Porn Gets Mainstreamed; Respect Life Walk; Eugenics.
July-August 2009: The Adoption Paradox; Saving 1,170 Babies; Abortionist Murdered; Teen Sex; Child of Rape; Elderly Depression.
May-June 2009: Worcester's House for Pregnant Women-in-need; College Pregnancy Choice: Too Few Options; The Psychology of Scary; The Cost of Large Families; "Fake" Clinics: Helping Women Choose Life as They're Attacked by Washington; Passing good laws.
March-April 2009: Tragic Choices; Laura's Law; Assembly for Life; Join us for the Convention!; Baby Safe Haven Law; Birth Control Pills and Pollution.

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