MCFL files amicus curiae brief with the US Supreme Court


By Anne Fox, President of Massachusetts Citizens for Life

I want to share some exciting news! 

When the US Supreme Court announced it would hear the challenge by the Pregnancy Resource Centers in California against that state’s "Reproductive FACT Act,” which requires them to advertise abortions, it seemed the perfect case for us to file an amicus curiae brief.

Obviously, there are many similarities to the prior US Supreme Court case concerning the Massachusetts buffer zone law, which we won, but to my mind this is worse. A tactic the pro-aborts in Massachusetts are currently using is to go to the Attorney General claiming that PRC's are "fake clinics". A favorable ruling on the California case could scotch that tactic. 

Also, the doctor-prescribed suicide bills before the Massachusetts legislature would require doctors who will not prescribe lethal doses to transport patients to doctors who will. A favorable ruling could nix that also.

We are so fortunate that Prof. Dwight Duncan agreed to organize and submit the brief for us. Nine Harvard Law School students worked during their Christmas break helping Dwight with the brief. They have come up with a sterling piece of work. Dwight is filing it today. Their arguments should have a real impact on the thinking of the justices.

Our thanks to Dwight and students!

N.B. Dwight will be briefing us on the brief at the MCFL Caucus in DC on Jan 19, 9:30 - 11:00 am in the Dirksen Senate Office Building, Room SD - 106 This is a new location.

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