MASS-ive Pro-Life Presence at National March for Life!


Massachusetts citizens turned out in droves for the National March for Life! We met up with the Archdiocese of Boston, multiple high schools, and the Boston-and-Worcester-based Pure in Heart contingent. 

Some of us joined the Women's March, to bring a consistent and truly pro-woman message to their platform of nonviolence.  Our rights as women cannot be bought at the price of the lives of our more vulnerable children. 


Check out the photos, and the captions for micro-stories on this event.

You may hear the media report the March had "a few thousand". We were close to 1 million strong. Don't forget, here at home: We are not alone.

It was MASS-ive pro-life. And we, from Massachusetts -- so often trailblazers in the past for human rights, the democratic process in our nation, medical and technological development -- can also be trailblazers in the human rights issue of our age.

From the Democrats for Life Forum to the March for Life itself, and from the amazing pre-March youth rally with Louisiana Right to Life to the Rose Dinner, our carpool, and the many buses, participated in just about every activity they could.

C.J. snaps a shot of VP Mike Pence, & Second Lady, Karen,

before meeting them at the Rose Dinner.

Vice President Pence remarked: "To heal our nation,

we must be a movement of generosity. We also need to consign abortion to the

ash heap of history."

The Boston Archdiocese shows up #BostonStrong!

(photo credit: Archdiocese Respect Life Office)

Now that's MASS-ive. Our dear friends from Pure in Heart

pulled in a huge busload of young adults -- here they are,

driving overnight to advocate for the vulnerable in D.C.

(Photo credit: Pure in Heart Boston)

C.J. marches with fellow MCFL advocates alongside

Students for Life.

Pete Donovan of Boston represents the heart of our quest for

protection of every human life: "The doctor told her mom to abort. But her mom

said NO." He and C.J. laughed after that, "...her mom said no, so

she could say yes!" He's engaged! Congrats, Pete.

Our strength doesn't lie in numbers...but we sure had numbers, 

Massachusetts! Thank you Arlington High, Saint Mary's, the Archdiocese of Boston, Diocese

of Worcester, 40 Days for Life Boston...

(photo credit: Boston Respect Life Office)

Another bus group from Massachusetts.

(photo credit: Emily Crowley)

C.J. joins pro-life democrat, Rep. Katrina Jackson,

after speaking to a breakfast full democrats!

Can we get these great people in Massachusetts? 


Check out The Gus Lloyd Show on Sirius XM and Online for an interview with C.J., and

look out for the article in the Washington Post quoting Mass Citizens too!



Thank you for your support, your participation, and your voices speaking for the marginalized and most vulnerable in our nation's capital. Here's to a year of bringing back the energy & education we gained while marching for life to our homeground: Massachusetts.


You can join us in lobbying your local representative, supporting life-affirming healthcare & aid through federally qualified health centers and pregnancy resource locations, and changing our society to reject the killing of our fellow human beings by becoming an MCFL Advocate. Start a chapter in your town or district today! Click here to find out how. 


C.J., Director of Community Engagement at MCFL, explains to The Washington Post how

feminism and nonviolence require that we oppose abortion at every step. "Nothing demeans a woman

more than forcing her to buy her equality at the cost of her dignity, and her child's life."

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