Martha’s Vineyard’s Lack of Abortion Facility is a Plus

By Anne Fox, President of Massachusetts Citizens for Life

On Martha's Vineyard, apparently it is big news that the island does not cover the full range of "reproductive health care"!  In other words, this little island of 15,000 residents (with a median age of 48 years old versus the entire state whose median age is 38) does not have it's own abortion facility.  Last year at least 22 women had to go off island to abort their babies.

We are told women can go to Attleboro, but many prefer to go to Boston because they are familiar with Planned Parenthood.

Why is this article more that just a weird little piece?

Massachusetts Citizens for Life has a bill that if enacted into law would require that all abortion facilities be licensed and inspected. A similar law in Texas was struck down by the courts, because, the courts said, it would require women to travel great distances.  The doctor quoted in this article says that abortion facilities in this state are convenient, which proves the point we have been making that the Texas ruling would not apply to us and thus should not be an obstacle to enacting regulations that all other medical facilities already have to follow, but abortion facilities uniquely do not.

Photo: . CC BY-SA 3.0.

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