Majority of post-abortive women say lives didn't get better


By Anne Fox, President of Massachusetts Citizens for Life

We all want people to be happy and productive in their lives. It seems to be folk wisdom (promulgated by anti-life groups and media) that women will have their lives ruined if they are not allowed to have abortions and that, of course, abortions solve their problems.

But according to this study published by Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons:

  • roughly 60 percent of the women said they had abortions to make others happy,
  • 75 percent said there was pressure from others to abort, and
  • 30 percent aborted out of fear of losing their partner if they kept the child.

About 50 percent said they believed the fetus was a human being when they aborted, and 65 percent said they knew aborting was a mistake. 

What a sad indictment of our society which produces two victims of every abortion!

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