Lobby Your Legislator on Social Media

When you think of lobbying, you probably think of State House halls, formal letters, or official meetings scheduled in offices or quiet restaurants. But what you may not know is that nearly every one of your legislators now has an active presence on social media, and their Facebook and Twitter accounts are as valid and impactful a meeting ground as their offices.

In fact, sometimes, social media causes a greater impact than a formal letter these days, because on social media, one message may not just reach your representative or senator. One message may reach your entire district.

And that kind of reach is a reality every politician watches like a hawk.

Here are the easy steps to finding, reaching, and engaging your legislator online. Double your lobbying efforts by reaching out via social media, bring your fellow state citizens to the conversation, and raise awareness of the laws and proposed laws threatening or supporting human lives in Massachusetts.


1. Do you know who your representatives are? Who your senator is? If not, start here: Plug in Your Address and Receive Your Legislators' Full Contact Information (click here to search).

2. Do you have FaceBook? If so, take the names of your representatives to your FaceBook toolbar, and type them in. 

It should look like this in your browser.


3. Do you have Twitter? If so, take the names of your senator or representatives and type them into the search bar on your Twitter feed.


If your senator or representative has an account, it should show up like this in your browser:


Click on the name in the search results, then select follow. Now, you can either tweet at them, or send them a direct message.


Some sample tweets you may use:

Sen. ______, did you know? S.1209 makes abortion less safe for women in our State. Please review the bill, and return it for revision. #massprolife #womenshealth #notoroe

Rep. _____, S.1209 would open the door to leaving born infants to die. This isn't the standard of healthcare we deserve in #MA. Please oppose S.1209/H.3320. #notoroe #roeact #healthcare

Rep.______, we have broad access to abortion in this State. Why promote it at the expense of our women and teen daughters? Please review & reject S.1209/H.3320. #roeact #notoroe


For links to fact sheets, more resources, and background when you converse with your senators and representatives at greater length, check out:






A few graphics and quotes to share online:



So get out there.

Suit up. Show up. And social media...your speech on the digital communication lines is lobbying that will save lives.

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