A letter from our community engagement director: Remind our lawmakers of this

Dear friends:

As you prepare to enjoy what will  hopefully be a Christmas blessed by family, renewal, and deep peace, I have an urgent request for a small part of your time.

We anticipate honoring new life this holiday, but we know that pro-abortion lawmakers have pushed through the former "R.O.E." Act  (now filed as H.5179) that debases and denies life to our preborn, and even just-born, infants.

Governor Baker may veto this bill! Please take a few moments this week to call a couple of the legislators on this list. Tell them you want them to sustain a veto.

Pull up the list of these legislators here and call today.

I cannot thank you enough for your selfless and unwavering action on behalf of preborn babies and their moms in our state this year.

Make these lawmakers  remember what this holiday means -- a chance to receive new life and hope. You can give them the information and the courage to stand up to a pro-abortion lobby as bitter as King Herod, and reject  the "R.O.E."' Act's deadly changes to our law.

More details on the "ROE" Act, as added to our state budget bill, here.

These provisions would deny Melissa life-saving medical care. Read on.

These provisions would endanger our women, just as they endangered -- and ultimately cost -- Keisha Atkins her life in New Mexico. Read on.

These provisions would pressure mom's like Joy Dupell to abortion her daughter, Hope, because of  prenatal "fatal fetal abnormality" diagnosis. Hope just celebrated her first birthday because ROE was not law, and she was not aborted. Read on.


Live joyfully and Merry Christmas!


C.J. Williams

MCFL Director of Community Engagement


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