Island Town Police Force Baby Boom


The small police force in the little town of Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard is experiencing a beautiful baby boom in recent months. In the space of five months, five babies have been born to the wives of four Oak Bluffs police officers and one state police trooper assigned to the town.

Chief Blake pulled in as the families were milling about. “I got to see how happy they are,” he said. “Becoming a parent really grounds you. It gives them roots in the community more than they already have.” … Seeing the new families prompted the chief to reflect on the balance of his own family and his demanding career. “When you’re at work, you give all your time and energy to the people of your community and that’s what you get paid for,” he said. “But when you get home, you get to receive some of that energy back. Spending time with my kids, I’d rather do that than anything.”

Meanwhile the young officers themselves see how being a police officer prepared them for fatherhood. And yet it’s even more than that.

But there was no hesitation by Trooper Dustin Shaw when considering his life and the recent changes. “I just have to say, being an officer is the best job. Being a dad is even better.”

Thanks to Cori for drawing our attention to this special story.

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