Make an Impact for Life at the State House

Contacting your state legislator is one of the easiest and most effective ways to be a profound & measurable influence on the human rights habits of our politicians. 

Our Legislative Resources run through the list of avenues for reaching out, and getting heard.

You may be more inclined to use email, or maybe you're an ace at rapid-fire phone calls. When it comes to getting heard though, try using all of them. Lives are on the line, and your voice -- persistent, polite, and inescapable -- demanding we put our resources into protecting those lives, absolutely makes an impact.

So read on. Take the action to make inroads at the State House, and influence people for life. If you're worried about where to begin (fax? phone? personal visit? FACEBOOK?), don't be. Just try all of them.


If you're concerned about what to say, or how, use this list as a launch-point.


  1. Be polite, and know your legislator's name.
  2. Be genuinely interested in them, and their reasons for voting or sponsoring the law or measure in question.
  3. Tell your story.
  4. Know your facts: What bill/issue/law you're opposing or supporting, who it impacts, what you're doing to support/oppose it.
  5. Let them know your whole district will be in touch, and then ask all of your friends and any advocate for life in your area to call, email, facebook your statesman.
  6. Finally, build relationship. The more you call and express your opinion, the more influence you'll have.


And click on the Legislative Resources link to Find Your Legislator

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