Huge Discount on Hotel for National March for Life!

MCFL has negotiated a huge discount on hotel rooms for Massachusetts residents traveling to the National March for Life in January!

You can book your room through our secure link here. Or call 202-847-4444 and ask for the "MCFL Block Rate".

The double occupancy suites are in MODUS Hotel, with easy access by foot or metro to 

  • The Basilica of the Immaculate Conception
  • The March for Life Expo at the Renaissance Hotel
  • Catholic University
  • ...and the National Mall and March for Life Rally site

Whatever bus you're taking, or if you're flying down or carpooling, this is our offer to help unite our pro-life citizens, and provide affordable lodging to the many of you who sacrifice so much just to make the journey.

With buses heading down from more locations than ever, we booked 60+ rooms in this 4 star hotel, where a regular rate climbs to into multiple hundreds per night. This opportunity gives you the chance to go to the historic Pro-Life Summit, Cardinal O'Connor Conference, and the Annual March for Life Rose Dinner.

With this discount, each of you in a room only spend ~&70.00.

Call 202-847-4444 and ask for the "MCFL Block Rate".

We hate to interrupt your holiday -- but this news couldn't wait. And the hotel can only hold this deal for us until the 11th.

Make your reservation today! Or offer to give the gift of fellowship, and top-rate lodging, to one of your loved ones making the pilgrimage to protect our preborn in 2020.


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