Hitmen for Doctor-Prescribed Suicide and Euthanasia


Canada has a problem. The country legalized euthanasia and assisted suicide last year, but can’t find enough doctors willing to kill their patients, so now they’re thinking of paying a premium to those who will.

According to Thomas Lipton in American Thinker: “The slippery slope is real.  Once the state gets in the business of killing off its citizens via euthanasia, the brutal logic of economics works its way through the system.  In Canada, which legalized euthanasia just over a year ago, one of the most important forums for political discussion, Maclean's Magazine, published an article arguing that doctors ought to be paid a premium for  euthanizing terminal patients.”

In our presentations on doctor-prescribed suicide at MCFL we try not to lean heavily on the slippery slope or foreign happenings, but this is bizarre.  And just wait until you read the rationale for paying these doctors!

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