Help Stop Doctor-Prescribed Suicide from Spreading Across the US


The Washington Post reports this week that the nationwide push to legalize doctor-prescribed suicide on demand has stalled despite a well-funded national effort and some victories.

While California, Colorado, and the District of Columbia have legalized DPS, joining Vermont, Oregon, Washington and Montana, everywhere else the push by Compassion and Choices and other pro-suicide groups has not had the results they have wished.

DPS bills were proposed in 27 state legislatures this year, with none of them passing so far. In most, the bills died in committee or did not receive support in the both houses of the legislature. In Massachusetts, we are still waiting to hear how the Joint Public Health Committee will vote following hearings at the State House last month. They have until the spring to decide whether to approve or decline.

Moreover, we saw a definitive decision in New York state by their highest court upholding their law banning the practice. And the US House of Representatives is considering a resolution expressing their opposition to legalization.

The article also notes that most major doctors’ groups remain opposed, or at most neutral.

However, all is not rosy as some polls find that Americans do support legalizing DPS. But the question remains: What do they think they are supporting? Most Americans want people to be able to die without suffering and pain. When it comes to specific bills and how they place the elderly and the vulnerable in danger, they often change their minds. When they see how such a law could be used by doctors, families, and insurance companies to pressure the sick to die already, they don’t support that. When we can explain the advances in palliative care that have been made and are available, they see that would be better.

Compassion and Choices has targeted Massachusetts as low-hanging fruit to get the momentum back on their side for a nationwide push and they’re turning out all their vast resources to make it happen. 

All that stands in their way are the pro-lifers of Massachusetts. Will you stand with us? Become a member of Massachusetts Citizens for Life and lend your voice. If you are a member, support our combined efforts with a new donation. The time to stop the expansion of doctor-prescribed suicide is now and the place to do it is right here in Massachusetts.

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