Heartwarming Story of How a Community Cared for a Child


By Anne Fox, President of Massachusetts Citizens for Life

This is a heartwarming story of a young life saved in Boston, in which Mayor Marty Walsh played a positive role. Young Kyla Smith was admitted to Children’s Hospital with an ailment that eventually required a liver transplant. What ensued is a story of a community that came together to care for her and her family, including the mayor, who underwent medical care as a child at the same age as Kyla that also disrupted his life and schooling.

Kyla first met Walsh in April, when Guthrie arranged for a visit to City Hall. Kyla sat in the mayor’s chair and he presented her with a set of rosary beads that have never been far from her fingers ever since. Walsh will be at Children’s Hospital on Thursday, personally delivering the certificate that Kyla’s classmates will receive on Friday.

We wish Kyla a quick and complete recovery and good health in the future. We hope it serves as a reminder to all of us of how precious every life is, especially those of the innocent and otherwise helpless.

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