MCFL Fundraising Banquet Speaker: Gus Mendieta


Leader of Grupo Pro-Vida in Lawrence, MA, Gus Mendieta is a tireless advocate for the unborn and the disabled in Massachusetts. As an immigrant from Ecuador, he has first-hand experience of being part of a marginalized community. He moved to the Commonwealth with his family as a child. As an adult, he joined the army. He served honorably and went on to marry and have children; but it was his experience of their miscarriage that brought him fully and completely into a loving, fighting commitment to the pro-life movement.

He and his wife were sent to a clinic that performed abortions when their baby died. "I have always been against abortion but I became a pro-life fighter after my wife suffered a miscarriage," says Gus,  "The hospital sent us to another clinic (which does abortion) to have the baby removed. It was a traumatic experience ."

The grassroots action of individual citizens at the chapter, town, and city level are what ultimately change hearts and minds, and it is those hearts and minds that change culture and laws. Gus shows us what it means to start at the root. His love and advocacy for the disabled, of whom his son is one, is just another branch of his commitment to protecting human life.

Come hear him tell his story, and rally us for life in Massachusetts as gather ONLINE on September 17, at 7:00PM. Register for the ONLINE event here or by clicking the banner below.




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