MCFL Offering How to Oppose Infanticide Bill Exclusive Info-Sessions


Do you know the facts about the bill will legalize infanticide in Massachusetts this year?


If you don’t, the rest of your district probably doesn’t either.


MCFL’s Director of Community Engagement, & premiere pro-life advocates, are traveling the state to inform your community, and empower you with the knowledge and resources to sto this bill in its tracks.


Your voice matters. Your voice needs to be heard.


But you need to be informed before you can speak.


To host an info-meeting, townhall, or lobbying training, and get the quick facts on  S.1209, the infanticide bill, contact: C.J. Williams --  or call the MCFL central office  

Read our comprehensive White Paper Analysis of S.1209

Print the Infanticide Bill Quick Facts Sheet

Check out our Digital Outreach Toolkit


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