Fundraising Banquet 2020: See Life Thrive

From the Desk of the Executive Director.

Some thoughts on the Theme of the 2020 Virtual Banquet

There are as many interpretations for the terms comprising our 2020 Virtual Banquet theme, “Love. Fight. Thrive,” as there are people who hear, see, or experience them.

Here’s how they speak to me:


A dictionary defines “thrive” to mean “progress toward or realization of a goal despite, or because of, circumstances.” For pro-lifers, the goal has always been the same – protecting and defending the lives of the unborn, the elderly, and disabled – the lives of society’s voiceless and weakest members whom the culture of death deems of little value.

For some, “thriving” has meant acquiring great wealth, power, or fame. For pro-lifers, however, these are not essential. For them, thriving consists in being an agent of lasting cultural change that safeguards the lives of strangers, most of whom they will never meet. It is in the simple act of living generously the life that God has given with a heart open to receiving life’s tangible and intangible blessings.

  • Pro-lifers, who pray outside abortion mills, thrive when even one baby is spared from abortion to become whoever she was meant to be. Pro-lifers, who advocate for patients’ rights, thrive when a family rejects today’s all too common medical practice of denying an elderly patient food and water to hasten the patient’s death. Pro-lifers who fight against doctor-prescribed suicide thrive when those, who promote suicide as a solution to aging or protracted illness, fail to enact their lethal legislation.  


  • Pro-lifers also see “thriving” as that trickle-down effect that produces opportunities, support, and community for the marginalized and potential victims of anti-life policies to achieve personal victories over adversity. An infant, who survives an attempted abortion because a pro-life nurse rescued her, thrives when she defeats the senseless evil of abortion and goes on to fulfill the promise of a life well-lived; a post-abortive woman thrives when, with the help and support of a pro-life organization, she conquers lifelong demons of guilt and regret to finally find her peace; and an elder thrives when a pro-life family or other pro-life support system values his life and welcomes him with compassion. Daughters and sons of immigrants thrive when pro-lifers welcome their parents, and promote just immigration policies.

None of these “life-victories” comes easily. They require the persistence and drive inherent to the human spirit and a mind set on a single objective – LIFE.  But the rewards are worth the struggles because a life  is priceless, and there is no greater good than that we support it to thrive. 

We invite our guests to THRIVE with us, sharing victories for LIFE. 

What does "thrive" mean to you as a member of the movement?

How do you see others thrive because of your pro-life action?

Please join us on September 17th at 7PM at our annual fundraising banquet. Register here today!


Can't attend? Your donation today can still help us reach our fundraising goal for 2020. Donate here.

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