Fundraising Banquet 2020: Love Leads Life

From the Desk of the Executive Director.

Some thoughts on the Theme of the 2020 Virtual Banquet

There are as many interpretations for the terms comprising our 2020 Virtual Banquet theme, “Love. Fight. Thrive,” as there are people who hear, see, or experience them.

Here’s how they speak to me:

"Love:"   Love is the "without which nothing" of human existence. Pro-lifers give tirelessly to the cause of LIFE because they know that love is the answer to evil and pain. Love leads us to nurture both the survivor of a failed abortion and a suffering, post-abortive woman; to pray without ceasing, despite taunts and abuse, outside an abortion clinic; to exhort ill-informed legislators to reject laws that deny the sacredness of life; to march in the bitter cold every January – 500,000 strong –  bearing witness to the sanctity of life; and after a long, tiring day, to sit at the bedside of a seriously ill friend or to hold the hand of an elder as she approaches life's end.

Pro-lifers embody a love that the Greeks call “agape” – a love given without cost that seeks nothing in return.  It is a love ingrained in a pro-lifer’s soul. Though its value is beyond price, it cannot be bought or taken, only given away.  And when given, it has the power to transform human existence.

Those who give it experience the surpassing joy of selflessness; those who receive it know they have been touched by the divine.

We invite our guests to join the cause of LIFE with LOVE.


What does "love" mean to you as a member of the movement?

How do you let "love" lead?

Please join us on September 17th at 7PM at our annual fundraising banquet. Register here today!

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