Fundraising Banquet 2020: How Life Fights

From the Desk of the Executive Director.

Some thoughts on the Theme of the 2020 Virtual Banquet

There are as many interpretations for the terms comprising our 2020 Virtual Banquet theme, “Love. Fight. Thrive,” as there are people who hear, see, or experience them.

Here’s how they speak to me:



The survivor of a botched abortion and an elder nearing her life’s end share a common bond: the innate human desire to live that sustains and moves all human beings to fight for the life given to them until its natural - not man-made - conclusion. Pro-lifers fight to support these “life-struggles” and the struggles of the men, women, and children whom architects of anti-life policies target for premature death.

Our weapons are not forged in iron, but they are more powerful and lasting. With our words, wisdom, and wits, we confound and defeat anti-life lies, condemning the empty promises of “easy” solutions to some of life’s greatest challenges: 

With our words we educate the public and lawmakers, converting minds and opening hearts to the universal truth that all life is sacred and worthy of protection and respect, and we pray for an end to the evil of abortion and the continued defeat of doctor-prescribed suicide laws; 

With wisdom we devise new strategies to oppose legislation and policies that would remove legal protections for the life of society’s most vulnerable members. We pro-actively file bills to educate legislators and their constituents to the value of every human life and the destructive effects of abortion and doctor-prescribed suicide (“DPS”) on society. By these efforts, we erode the irrational legal bases for abortion, expose the perversity of DPS, and protect future victims from these life-threatening plans; and

With our wits, we wage bloodless battles in the war against human life, unmasking the deceit of anti-life forces, exposing the lies and profit-seeking motives of Planned Parenthood and its kind, and challenging the false promise of suicide as a “treatment” for aging and illness at the end of life.

Our workers are peaceable but fervent in their resolve and resolute in their determination to continue the fight until it is needed no more.

We invite our guests to stand shoulder to shoulder with us in this FIGHT for LIFE.

What does "fight" mean to you as a member of the movement?

How do you fight for the most vulnerable?

Please join us on September 17th at 7PM at our annual fundraising banquet. Register here today!

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